4 Perfect Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks for 2021
July 26, 2022

While Valentine’s Day in 2021 will be very different it doesn’t mean you can’t glam up for your boo or for a virtual hang out with your girls. Calling all the virtual wine toasting, yasss! We actually encourage you to get out your favorite products and play around with looks because you’ve probably had fewer reasons to wear makeup altogether. Ugghhh, blaming it on quarantine of course.

We’re all for natural and soft makeup but we also know that going a little bit extra with eyeliner, eyeshadow, and a bold lip can make you feel fabulous pretty quickly. In this post, we’ll be sharing looks that fit any kind of style whether you stick to your go-to look or want to push your comfort zone and try something new.

Before we share our top 3 favorite looks, we do want to remind you of the most important things of makeup application—a clean face, moisturizer, and increasing your water intake for hydration.

We know your mind could’ve just gone to caffeine and wine but they don’t count no matter how much you have.

These three things are top priority on a daily basis but especially when you apply makeup. If you don’t invest in your skincare it’ll show when applying any kind of product. Trust us, you don’t want that so vow to love your skin by using the right skincare products and drinking enough water.

Smoky Eye with Golden Tones and Light Lip

This look is a perfect go-to when you want to add that extra oomph to any look. Whether it’s to spice up your outfit or adding boldness to a soft updo, a smoky eye with golden tones paired with light lips can be worn by anyone. We love that it creates a glow around the eyes with the golden eyeshadow with a slightly darker eye shadow and eyeliner on the lower waterline to make them pop. For a perfect balance to the eyes, the light lip can be a gloss or a nude liquid lipstick (our favorite) that’ll last all night. Whatever you end up choosing we know you’ll look great either way.


This look is not only clean and beautiful. When you add a winged-liner to a more neutral top lid it just does something to the whole entire look. It honestly steps it up a notch and brings a bam in a way that can only come with having eyeliner on. Adding a rose-colored tint through a lip balm, gloss, or lipstick is also a perfect touch for those who like softer looks.

Bold Lip

This look is one of our favorites since it ties in a lot of the other ones we’ve spoken about in this post. With a soft smokey eye and thin liner, it adds that oomph without it overtaking the whole eye and using lighter shadows than having it all be dark colors. And lastly, the red lip that we absolutely love! You can’t ever go wrong when wearing a red lip no matter your skin tone.

Can’t seem to find your red lip? Message us for a consultation to find your right shade.

Whether you lean more towards a natural look with a hint of a bold lip or eyeliner with a lighter lip choose the one that feels the best for you. Celebrate love this year and show up in your best glam from head to toe even if you’re just celebrating over Zoom.